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Military Privatization: What Does the Future Hold?

Get your front row seat and have unfettered access to Military and Department of Defense Leaders who can answer questions that have been ruminating with your staff!  Join DoD Leadership from the Pentagon, CNIC, Marine Corps Headquarters and the Air Force Center for Engineering and Environment to ask all your burning questions for the future initiatives of the Armed Services and Housing Privatization. 

Topics to cover during the session will be:

Utilities/Environmental- How can we proactively manage the challenges of utility billing?  Get out in front of the curve and learn how some of the services and their privatization partners are managing this program.  Hear about best practices, lessons learned and some new suggestions that will help those privatization partners who have yet to embark on the utility venture and those who have already begun the transition.

Service- Should levels of service be adjusted during times of fiscal challenges?  How can privatization partners manage the levels of expectations as service levels are modified?  Discuss this hot and recent topic with those who can shed light on the military viewpoint.

Legislation- How will the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal affect housing (Unaccompanied Housing and Family Housing)?  How will “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal affect base access?  Speak with panelists that are already putting standard operating procedures in place now.

Renovations- What are the military’s expectations at the mid-term revitalization point?  How can the partner educate senior military leadership that spending today affects the project’s long-term goals and budget forecasts?   Find out how your military partners can help you in accomplishing this education process.

Social Media (if time allows) - How is the military using social media to their advantage in housing?  Learn how some services are communicating messages and eliminating rumors by using social media outlets.  Hear real testimonial about installations that have successfully implemented this tactic. 

Join us for a lively discussion with our knowledgeable panelists;

·         Ivan G. Bolden, U.S. Army

·         Robert V. Kass, U.S. Marine Corps

·         Ian Smith, U.S. Air Force

·         Corky T. Vazquez, U.S. Navy

Our session is on Friday, June 24th from 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm in the South Convention Center Lagoon E&F. See you there!