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Marketing in Property Management: Get Connected, Stay Connected, Be Responsive!

Marketing is commonly defined as the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling the product or service. It is utilized universally as a critical business function for attracting customers. In property management it is important to acknowledge the connection between living requirements and financially viable results. What we strive for with owners and residents in this industry are long term relationships.

Emphasize the value of your properties and services and then position yourself so that you have a prevalent internet presence and take precedence over other companies. Utilize marketing techniques in order to effectively create, deliver and communicate your services and mission altogether. You’re aiming to achieve success as a company as well as prove the benefit to your shareholders that they initially signed up to receive.

The first step of successfully marketing is getting connected. Identify your target markets by asking yourself, who is your target customer? In property management with accordance to Fair Housing laws, you must find the balance between Generation Y, professionals and retirees. Distinguish which apartment communities attract which demographics whether it’s students, families, singles or mature adults. A marketing plan with integrity is one which addresses marketing in terms of relationships, internal functions, integrated systems and socially responsive dynamics. Create a strong mobile presence since that is currently the number one source used to search ‘on the go’. Emphasize online payment capabilities and the simple benefit your customer basis can receive from that option.

The next step is to remain connected. It’s easy to drop off the deep end in this day and age when smaller, greener and better options are constantly becoming available. Continuously capture marketing insights, connect with customers, build strong brands and adapt your company so it tailors to market demands. Consistently deliver and communicate not only the immediate value of your company’s offering but pave the way for long-term growth. Developing marketing strategies and plans will only solidify the compassionate corporate culture you aim to achieve. Take advantage of property management marketing tools. There are a plethora of marketplace exposure options through individual platforms which make a consistent presence easier to manage and control. Maintain a stream of multiple communication styles. The younger generations will expect more email or social media forms of communication while you definitely can’t neglect the phone calls from other generations.

Lastly, be responsive. The problem with 9-5 hours is that the majority of people work those 9-5 hours. So communicating regarding living situations may not be feasible for a handful of people when they’re at the office focused on work-related issues. Maintain your website and hold a presence on social media sites. Keep your community up-to-date on relevant issues through company newsletters or consistent blogging. Ultimately manipulate social media, and find a balance so that all generations feel acknowledged. Since real estate involves housing for all ages, it is very important to not neglect a certain age group. Adhere to Fair Housing by promoting housing for all and aspire for definitive equality. Increase presence both on the internet and physically on-site and you will achieve a residential community who is content with your efforts at the very least.

Marketing is utilized in every form of business and day-to-day interaction. Within the property management world it is simply a way to stay on top and orchestrate the many different economic factors which constantly threaten the living situations of society. Initiate a connection with your community, remain connected and be responsive; this will make the most of your marketing experience and aid in achieving the ultimate prosperity you strive for with each and every property you invest in.