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Maintain in Order to Retain!

In the Northwest, the change of seasons never seems so drastic until the first fresh, sunny day shines its light over Seattle. Consistent maintenance should be performed throughout the year, but sometimes things can fall through the cracks. There’s no better time to brush up on your property than in the spring.

When it comes to spring maintenance, four factors that must be addressed are sunshine, structure, staffing and sinks.

1. The first step is to bring in the sunshine! Public spring cleaning events are a fun way for your property to collaborate with the surrounding community and not only help your landscape shine, but others’ around you, too.

Replace landscape bark and prune your property’s hedges so that your building sparkles with curb appeal. Early spring is also the perfect time to line up contractors and bids so that by the time the short summer months arrive, the work is scheduled and completed at the clap of your hands.

2. Maintaining the structure of your building will also be of significant benefit to your community. This includes everything from sweeping away the layers of dust that go unseen in the darkness of winter to repairing interior and exterior structural damage typically induced by natural winter occurrences.

Paint the exterior portions of your property that you weren’t able to touch up in the rain. This can include railings and fascia boards that were neglected during the winter. Pressure-wash parking lots, stairways and decks so that they are clean, welcoming and show no signs of the stormy months they just endured.

3. Spring is also the perfect time to reassess and systematize your staffing at each property. Onsite managers may be graduating from school and moving away, while employees in general may be submitting summer vacation days. With all of the new dates and scheduling to take into account, it couldn’t be a better time to “sweep up” and produce a fresh new calendar for your staff members.

4. Resident turnover is typically high during this time of year. Leases are expiring and couples may be leaving their apartments for newlywed, single-family homes. The good news is that the general maintenance of a building can be manipulated to a higher extent between turnovers. This includes making sure the sinks, faucets and pipes are all in good standing and functioning properly.

Retaining good residents is every community’s goal, and if the correct maintenance procedures are integrated into every spring routine, retention will be achieved! These steps are important if you want to get off on the right foot with your new cycle of residents. If you initiate effective maintenance procedures the moment that the good weather permits, you will ultimately be on the fast track to resident retention—developing a long-lasting, healthy relationship with your residents.

Lauren Ginder works as a marketing manager for Pacific Crest Property Management where she integrates brand loyalty into their network of employees, owners and residents. She can be reached at 206/812-9144.