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Leadership Knowledge Gap Among Mid-Level Managers Has Become Growing Concern

A leadership knowledge gap exists in the apartment industry. We have heard that many times in recent years from industry executives and managers. They’ve told us that our industry does a great job training onsite staff, but we fall down when those people are promoted into mid-level leadership roles, such as regional property manager or corporate department head positions.

These people often have a hard time stepping back and letting others handle the details so that they can focus on the big picture. They also may be great at working with onsite staff and residents, but in their new role they must know how to communicate with employees as well as with executives and owners. Each has different communication styles and information needs that mid-level managers must accommodate.

If mid-level managers don’t learn these skills, they could have a negative impact on employee turnover rates as staff members become frustrated with being micromanaged. Mid-level managers also risk burning themselves out by taking on too much and not knowing how and when to delegate.

Jennifer Staciokas, vice president for marketing and training at the Lincoln Property Company and a member of NAAEI’s board of directors, says the leadership knowledge gap has become an industry problem.

“These people are great on the how-to’s, but the soft skills and the leadership are often hurdles for them,” she says.

The problem has grown in recent years as the industry has grown, she says. People have been promoted into management positions fairly quickly without proper preparation.

At the same time, she says, changes in technology have brought new tools to the apartment industry. Many managers have struggled to keep up with learning how to best take advantage of the new technologies.

To help bridge this leadership knowledge gap, we have partnered with Dale Carnegie Leadership Training to create the NAAEI Leadership Experience: Powered by Dale Carnegie. This two-day course covers topics such as developing personal leadership, communicating to lead, coaching for performance, delegating and building trust, credibility and respect.

Our goal is offer this course at several locations across the country each year. We are offering the course this spring in Dallas (April 1-2) and Baltimore (April 30-May 1), and more will follow throughout the year. For example, we are in the process of scheduling one this fall in Cincinnati.

You can even take a sneak peak of the course and find out how it will empower you and your organization. Ercell Charles, from Dale Carnegie Training, will conduct a 30-minute online preview of the upcoming Dallas and Baltimore programs on Tuesday, March 25, at 11 a.m. ET.

Find out why this is a program that you can’t afford to miss! RSVP to Kim McCrossen, and she will send you an Outlook invitation with webinar access information.

You also may learn more about the course by visiting the NAAEI website.