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If You're Not in the Mile-High City, You're Missing Out

The fifth corn dog was not necessary. (That’s a call back to yesterday’s blog, so catch up, people!)

Even so, I had an amazing time at last night’s Opening Party. After a full day o’ learning, including a truly inspiring and good-humored speech from Michael J. Fox, lessons in customer service from two of the industry’s fiercest “road warriors” and innovative products on the tradeshow floor, it was nice to socialize with NAA members and get a true taste of Denver.

While most of us got our fill, today’s schedule features two sharks who are eager for a bite. During this morning’s General Session, ABC “Shark Tank” veterans Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington will share their business acumen with attendees. But after they’ve gotten their feet wet, the Sharks will hear business and product pitches from three NAA Innovation Tank finalists. One lucky attendee will walk away with $5,000. The other two—well, they’re gonna need a bigger boat. 

Nailed it!

Speaking of nails—man, I am on a ROLL—this afternoon marks the eighth annual NAA Maintenance Mania® National Championship. Watching 20 of the industry’s most skilled maintenance technicians change a ceiling fan in approximately two seconds is always a nice reminder of your own incompetence, and I encourage everyone to cheer on the competitors.  

After some light calisthenics, I plan to sprint from the Maintenance Mania® Championship to get a front-row seat for Thought Leader Bill Rancic. I’ve promised myself I won’t ask any personal questions about Giuliana or Duke, but any slip ups will be blamed on the altitude. I can’t be held responsible for my actions this high up.

We’ve got a long, fun day ahead of us, my friends. It’s time to put some dry shampoo in your hair, drink a 60-ounce coffee and look alive!

Lauren Boston is NAA’s Staff Writer and Manager of Public Relations. Unsurprisingly, she writes a lot—most often for units Magazine and as a weekly blogger for APTly Spoken. She enjoys making people laugh, sharing embarrassing childhood stories and being the (self-proclaimed) Voice of the Apartment Industry. She welcomes feedback, unless it’s negative (in which case, please keep it to yourself).