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Hollywood, Here I Come

The week I spent studying at Oxford was pure heaven.

But it wasn’t because I was re-tracing the steps of John Locke, sitting in the same classroom where T.S. Eliot once penned poetic masterpieces or visiting the pub where Bill Clinton smoked “but didn’t inhale.”

No, I couldn’t be bothered with such nonsense. I was too preoccupied with the likes of Mischa Barton.

I spotted the former O.C. actress shooting a commercial across the street from the college one morning, and being the amateur paparazza that I am, began taking pictures in rapid-fire succession. The fact that I didn’t even really like or care about her didn’t seem to matter.

After I had taken an obscene amount of pictures and consequently angered Mischa Barton—who was staring me down as I stood snapping away in the median strip—I decided it was time to share in my good fortune.

Sprinting through the cobblestone lanes of Oxford, I spotted several of my housemates through a second-story classroom window, speaking to their professor. Naturally, I began waving frantically and pointing to my camera to get their attention. In a testament to my reputation for celebrity stalking, as well as their utter lack of respect for academia, five of my friends ran out of the classroom without another word to their professor and began following me as I returned to the commercial shoot. Mischa, it goes without saying, was none too pleased.

That day wasn’t pretty—and it’s a prime example of why I could never work (or live) at 1600 Vine at Hollywood & Vine, a star-studded apartment community on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and NAA’s 2011 PARAGON Community of the Year.

Managed by Legacy Partners Residential, the 375-unit mixed use community caters to the glitz and glam of Hollywood with amenities fit for a star. The 12-story community is home to many high-profile musicians, actors and athletes—all of whom I would stalk to no avail—who pay anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 a month.

Residents get what they pay for with access to a lounge with shuffleboard, billiards and a kitchen with a bar, a private yoga and Pilates loft, a massive sixth-floor outdoor terrace with a pool and spa and a rooftop terrace with a Zen garden—the perfect space for Mischa to unwind after a stressful run-in with yours truly.

1600 Vine also offers 32,000 square feet of retail space on the ground level and is located within a mile of over 500 establishments. The community has played a major role in the revitalization of Hollywood—an area that didn’t have the best reputation 10 years ago—ushering in a new era for the entertainment capital of the world.

Although many residents rent on a temporary basis, Lease-Up Manager Andrea Clare says most are very social and active, attending karaoke parties, wine and cheese tastings and viewing parties for major sporting events. Unfortunately these events are not open to the general public.


For the life of me and my Canon digital camera (with impressive zoom capabilities), I’ll never understand why.


For more on NAA’s 2011 PARAGON Community of the Year, check out my article “Star Quality” in the September issue of units, which mails Sept. 8.