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High Performance Thinking Gets Results!

What exactly is high-performance thinking?  It’s taking personal accountability to achieve what you know is important for your company or property.  Seems so simple yet so much can get in the way.

First there are the negative thoughts that surrounds the term accountability.  That’s old thinking so let’s bust through those myths.  Second there is lack. Lack of information, clarity and understanding.  Third, there’s missing feedback and celebration. Let’s remove all these productivity road blocks so that greater results and more fun at work is possible.

Consider that high-performance thinking is accountability in action.  It’s really a personal choice to rise above circumstances & own achieving desired results.  Yes challenges are a daily occurrence in property management. Yet, it’s how you choose to respond to those situations that define your satisfaction or stress level. There are proactive actions that will set you up for peace of mind and the abilities to handle whatever comes along.

Here are some benefits....everyone wins.  You gain easier decision making ability, increased productivity and overall happiness at work.  Morale, profitability and overall results also improve. It makes everyone’s job easier and contributes to a stronger team. 

In the ‘High Performance Thinking Gets Results’ conference session, we’ll debunk the negativity around accountability and explore how to use the 5-Step Pyramid of Accountability for your personal motivation. Specifically we’ll explore:
  1. Understanding the Purpose - why you do what you do
  2. Clarifying Expectations - knowing what you are to do
  3. Tapping into Available Resources - you have support in doing
  4. Monitoring Progress - measuring your progress validates progress
  5. Gaining Feedback - for well deserved growth & celebration
Prioritizing accountability begins with understanding how what you do every day contributes to the bottom-line.  Very helpful.  And wraps with gaining appropriate feedback and celebration (there’s not enough).  No theory in this session.  High performance thinking = motivational accountability.  Learn how to bring out the best in yourself everyday!

Terri Norvell is your expert on individual and team Leadership, Management and Sales Performance. Terri proves that thinking differently leads to different, positive results.  Through keynote speaking, corporate workshops and professional coaching, she assists teams in increasing the bottom line through measurable achievement. Join Terry on Thursday, June 23 at 10:45 a.m. at the 2011 NAA Education Conference & Exposition.