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Good Gourd, I Love This Season

I live for the month of October. 

I was born on the 7th, so I guess this quite literally is the case. But I also live for it in a more figurative manner—I just love everything about this season. Autumn on the East Coast is glorious; the leaves are brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, the air is crisp and I get to dress in a hideous costume that, if I may brag for a moment, inevitably wins some sort of costume contest each year.

So naturally my eye is drawn to all things associated with the season—gourds, colors, food. (Don’t get me started on the pumpkin cookies at my local grocery store, a.k.a. the root cause of my future diabetes.)

According to Lisa Trosien, multifamily housing consultant and the presenter of Oct. 23’s Webinar Wednesday, “No Tech, Low Tech and High Tech Marketing Strategies,” apartment marketers can take advantage of the seasons and holidays by using colors and decorations that people are already accustomed to noticing during particular times of the year.

For example, consider dying your pool pink for breast cancer awareness month in October. If your community experiences cold winters, Trosien suggests filling large balloons with dyed water and putting them outside. Once they’ve frozen, peel off the balloon “skin” and you have yourself a colored ball of ice that resembles a giant marble. It’s a unique and easy way for your property to stand out.

It’s also the makings of a brutal (and bloody) snowball fight.

Following are four more marketing magic tricks:

1. Americans love a good deal. Similar to those “leave a penny, take a penny” trays at stores, place a basket in the club house or leasing center during the holidays for residents to trade coupons. My mother will move in immediately. 

2. A model apartment is to a community what Spanx are to a woman—the perfect opportunity to showcase your greatest attributes and hide the rest. Instead of decorating a model with boring picture frames of fake families, ask residents to complete the sentence, “Home is where…” Frame everyone’s responses and you’ll have a model living room brimming with personality.

3. Everyone appreciates a good sense of humor. Instead of the standard “Now Leasing” sign, have a little fun with it. One Las Vegas community had a sign that said “Amazing Ocean Views” followed by “just kidding.” Just make sure you know your audience—this may not work everywhere. (Then again, do you really want residents who can’t take a joke?)

4. Here’s some food for thought—stock a refrigerator with candy bars and soda, and offer the treats to prospective residents who are touring your community. A little sugar never hurt anyone. Also consider creating a designated “Man Cave” room in a model apartment with a refrigerator full of beer, beef jerky and any other stereotypically male snacks you can think of. They may not get the final say on the apartment, but the beef jerky should pacify them.

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