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#WTHill: Fight For What You Believe In While Looking Good

I randomly asked a coworker what ‘gladiator’ means to her and she replied Russell Crowe.

Photo courtesy of DreamWorks Pictures

It took me a minute as that is not what I was expecting. I was thinking more of the "gladiator in suit" a la Scandal.

Courtesy of ABC Studios

But it got me thinking, what’s the difference? Just because one wears protective armor and the other in a well dressed suit, they are both fighting for what they believe in, and both are strong physically and mentally.

Our apartment advocates are like gladiators. They are strong mentally and physically (have you watched any Maintenance Mania® competitions?!) If you don’t believe me, ask one of our numerous advocates  the battles they fight in their state house. Sometime the state house can seem like the coliseum and other days you walk out saying “It’s handled.” Our advocates are definitely gladiators.

Another coworker told me that gladiator in suits means “dapper champions, fighters who dress well, everything D.C.”

I love this. I think for those of us inside the D.C. beltway, fighting the fight on Capitol Hill, we like to fashion ourselves as Olivia Pope. We like our Olivia Pope size pours of red wine, dressed impeccably in white, and surrounded by other good looking impeccably dressed gladiators as we battle Congress for our industry. And every now and then, when needed, we become Russell Crowe in The Gladiator.

In just a few weeks you can join the D.C. gladiators as we fight for the multifamily industry on Capitol Hill. While we are not in crisis mode, we do need to be engaged on issues such as immigration and housing reform. NAA offers you the chance to fight side-by-side with us on our annual Lobby Day on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, March 12. Hopefully, you won't be in protective armor but in an impeccable suit.

In the meantime, there’s only one more week until we find out more about Mama Pope, Quinn, and what about Jake?! (Fun fact: Scott Foley is from St. Louis. In fact, one brother was in my high school class! We all knew the Foley brothers would end up in Los Angeles or New York.)

Until I see you next, I’ll be drinking my Olivia Pope size pour of wine.

Kathleen Gamble is the Director of Political Affairs for NAA. Is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and 49ers fan. A deal made with the hubby. When she’s not talking politics, she enjoys good eats. Let her know what you think of her blog.