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Get your Time…and your Life…Back! Own Your Busy!

Like most others in the workforce today, you probably “twitch” all day long.  You won’t admit it, though, right?  You think it’s a badge of courage in today’s high tech world.
“Twitching” refers to the reaction you have every time an alert sounds on your “smart” device.  If it were really that smart, it would silence itself so that you could actually get some work done.  When those alerts buzz, ding, pop, and ring, you are being interrupted.  You THINK you want to know why you are being alerted, but an hour later, after this latest distraction and all that comes with it is over, you try your best to get back to what it was you were doing and you find it hard to focus.  And your to-do list keeps growing and growing. 
Ah, technology has kidnapped you!  We love talking about this topic! In today’s world, we should own the technology, not the other way around.  Some days, don’t you feel that your e-mail and SmartPhone are holding you hostage instead of helping make you more productive?

The solution to the challenge is two-fold.  First, you need to make some mindset changes.  Commit to the fact that the pace of work today is not going to slow down so there are adjustments to be made.  Second, find a few key practices that will work to keep you focused and on task. 
Patty Morgan-Seager and Steve Matre can help!  On Saturday, June 30, during NAA in Boston, Patty and Steve will help you “Own your Busy,” by offering a multitude of tips on keeping focused and staying productive.  Our favorite tips are our apps!  We have found a few terrific SmartPhone apps that can really help and not distract! 
In addition, we have some old-school tried and true ideas on how to keep a good to-do list, plan a better meeting, stay on task during the day, manage your “Fiddlies,” and maintain the focus that you need to finish projects through to the end and resist interruptions!  When’s the last time you had a really effective meeting?  Or really tried to work your to-do list to make sure you were finishing things that you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do them? 
If you need some really great tips or are just looking for a reality check to figure out if you are as productive as you can be, join us at NAA!
We promise to offer more than just “how to work harder.”  Looking for balance? We’ll help with that, too.  Everyone is looking for ways to get more out of their away-from-work time.  Join us!  We’ve got you covered.  Attending our session will be a GREAT investment in your TIME!  We promise!
Please join us on Saturday, June 30 at 9:45 a.m. at the 2012 NAA Education Conference and Exposition for our session, How To Own Your Busy...Stop Wasting Time Getting Productive! with Patty Morgan Seager and Steve Matre. Learn more about our session online.