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Spring Is In The Air, Get Out Your Garden Chair

My favorite time of year has finally come about. It can’t be said that rainy days are out of the picture, but the promise of sun puts a skip in the step of city routine. As those first rays hit the side of an apartment building, you want the foremost thought to be how long it will take to get to the beach; however, as property managers are aware, it’s hard to see through that window with all the moss and water stains, so first you have to get out the Windex and towels. The three “R’s” that reflect what you want accomplished with your property are to refresh, rejuvenate and renew.

Refresh your property starting specifically with the entryway. Freshen up the front table with some brightly colored flowers or incorporate a similar decorative ambiance. Make sure any interior plants are getting the sunlight they deserve and are watered accordingly. Any exterior tagging that managed to hide during the shadowy months should be sprayed over with a glossy and clean layer of paint.

Rejuvenate the aesthetic appeal of your property altogether. Nobody falls in love with a building that has water stains running from the windows and down the building. A pressure wash will do miracles when it comes to making things sparkle under the sun (or anticipated sun for that matter in Seattle).

Renew lease agreements to have a fresh start to the season! This is a great time to review even more thoroughly that your annual rent increase schedule is functional and up to par. Even if you retain tenants year after year (which is quite the accomplishment), you don’t want residents feeling ignored. Thanking residents for their loyalty can be done simply by providing a sparkling property for them to open their eyes to as spring blossoms in the air. Coinciding with turnovers or not, everyone deserves the cheery feeling of walking into a building that flourishes hand in hand with the change in season.

Follow the three “R’s” when it comes to spring maintenance and property functionality will be revived. Re-hatch relationships with your residents and new residents by facilitating their enjoyment of spring in the place they call home. A lively and happy property atmosphere will retain and attract more residents. Making the effort when seasons compliment your offerings will make it that much easier to get your job done and help your property flourish.