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At Fore, Mobile Applications Foster Community, Cut Marketing Costs

The mobile revolution continues to be a trend driver in the multifamily industry. From the use of tablets and smartphones to paperless systems on managing documents, signature capture, and even creating a sense of community at our communities, we are searching for the best way to reach our customers.  

At Fore Property Company, about 40 percent of all leads were generated by mobile sources—apps and mobile sites—in 2013. As such, I am continually looking for mobile products that provide the best opportunities to maximize our exposure and remain on the cutting-edge of innovation in reaching the most qualified residents for our five lease-up properties, as well as keep our current residents satisfied.  

This innovation includes how we help create “community” at our properties. People want to feel connected. If they aren’t attending social events, they at least want to know what’s going on around them.  At 1000 South Broadway in Denver, we have a “1000 Club” of residents who are linked to an array of community benefits such as free yoga and restaurant or pub discounts through our mobile application. Our internal communication with residents occurs with e-blasts via a  messaging application.  

Two years ago we spent an average of $4,000 a month on various advertising campaigns. Now, thanks in part to our mobile strategy, the trend is to focus on one or two primary sources that guide traffic through our doors. We are now focusing our efforts on ILS and Lead Management in new ways. For example, instead of spending the average $4,000, why not spend about $1,000 a month to maximize mobile apps that will drive the targeted demographic through the door? 

In order to execute an effective mobile campaign, you have to start by creating ease of use for prospects who are trying to access information—via email, phone and website. It’s also important to review macro and niche markets for result-oriented statistics of mobile app success in those areas, have the ability to easily refine, sort or do advanced searches, and make sure that floor plans, pricing, images and special promotions are viable and clear. Most importantly, make sure that your content and keywords will draw as much attention as possible.

Mobile apps have come a long way in the past few years in the multifamily housing industry. As apartment professionals, it is our most essential mission to understand how prospects are finding us and how to keep them happy while residing at our properties. To do this, we have to reach them through the platforms they use.

Amber Ammons is the Marketing and Training Director for Fore Property Company in Las Vegas.