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Figuring Out the Out Years – What to Do After the IDP

Don’t you wish you had a crystal ball that showed you the future of the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI)? A simple wave over the crystal ball, the mutter of a magic word, and the entire future would be revealed to you.

Unfortunately, the crystal ball does not literally exist, but in MHPI there are many indicators you can use that function like a crystal ball. They can show you the future in an indirect way so you may prepare, plan and implement accordingly in order to take advantage of the market place.

You are already doing many things that assist you in predicting and planning for the future: partnering meetings, reforecast reports, annual budgets, quarterly reporting, training, marketing and market research.  If you can see an opportunity coming before it actually presents itself, then you are able to prepare for that opportunity reap the benefits.

Partnering Meetings – Are you using this opportunity to ask questions/seek answers?  Are there discussions regarding land planning for the base?  Can upcoming mission changes, as reported publically, be discussed?  If you don’t ask, you may not know until there is a significant impact to your project.

Reforecast Reports – Are you participating in the development of these reports?  Are you contributing facts and figures to validate the reports?  Are you discussing these types of future planning reports with all stakeholders?

Annual Budgets – The one-time opportunity to look at past performance and identify opportunities for streamlining efforts and creating efficiencies in all aspects of performance.  Have you used this once-a-year opportunity to communicate plans for the project to all stakeholders?  Are you communicating in a comprehensive manner?  Is the Capital Repair and Replacement (CRR) Plan developed through due diligence of existing conditions?  Does the CRR Plan “tell the story” of future needs and outline the means for accomplishing them?

Quarterly Reporting – Are your reports falling into the “black hole”?  Or do you use the reports to develop your project’s unique story?  And do you share this story with all stakeholders?

Training - Is your training program “Military Protocol” centric?  Are you seeking opportunities to identify and attend government training opportunities?  Do you invite your government partners to your training initiatives?

Market Research – Having developed a comprehensive market analysis at project start-up, are you periodically updating the information contained in the analysis?  Are you sharing these updates with all stakeholders?  Are you expounding on the significance/impact of changes to the analysis?

Marketing - Are you developing and sharing a comprehensive plan to reach all prospects?

As you can see, you may not have a crystal ball that does all the work for you, but indicators are all around us.

Join us on Friday morning, June 24, 2011 at the 2011 NAA Education Conference & Exposition to discuss other perspectives on Figuring Out the Out Years – What to Do After the IDP.  There won’t be a crystal ball, but there will be lively discussion.