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Fair Housing Five

I am so excited to be a part of the “Fair Housing 5” for this year’s National Apartment Association trade show and conference, and I am looking forward to the first time ever that NAA is being held in Boston (and I for one am glad it is not Viva! Las Vegas! yet again this year).  Being a part of the Fair Housing 5 means that I get to hang out with (and spar with) some of the brightest fair housing minds out there – Terry Kitay, Robin Hein, and Kathi Williams. 
These great folks are in the real world of fair housing litigation (unlike the ivory tower in which I reside).  Doug Chasick as our moderator will have his hands full with this bunch, and will likely (heck – for sure!) be interjecting his own brand of input into the mix. 
Our program was inspired by “The Five” on the Fox News Channel.  That show features a roundtable ensemble of five personalities who “discuss, debate and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day”.  And that is plan of the Fair Housing 5 – to discuss, debate and debunk what you may have heard about as relates to fair housing. 

The result will be a fast-paced informational exchange between we five (hey – the “We Five” were a musical group way back when – now one of their songs is playing in my head) as well as with those in the audience who may have questions and comments.   There are many new fair housing topics out there, and some of them could significantly impact day-to-day business practices.  This session is where to come if you want to learn why you may be precluded from doing criminal background checks, why you should not have “independent living” communities, and how emailing can create fair housing issues for you; it is also likely the only session where you will learn about marijuana.  (If you hear about other sessions including marijuana as an agenda topic, let me know, because I want to attend!).
And even though we have to “lock in” our topics prior to the conference, if you have heard of unusual issues or rumors about fair housing, reach out through this blog and let us know.  We can be very creative and flexible – and we want this program to be worth your while (we are convinced it will be).
Please join us on Friday, June 29 at 12:45 p.m. at the 2012 NAA Education Conference and Exposition for our session, The Fair Housing Five Discuss What’s Up for 2012 with speakers: Amanda McCrowell, Doug Chasick, Kathelene Williams, Nadeen Green, Robert Hein, and Theresa L. Kitay. Learn more about our session online.