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Does A Lease Follow A Like?

Social Media as a Prospecting and Renting Tool

Pacific Crest recently participated at Seattle’s TRENDS Conference and Tradeshow providing insight on how to effectively utilize social media to benefit individual properties and company initiatives. Pacific Crest integrates the underlying meaning of our tagline into our social media approach. Our social media marketing plan revolves around our company and employees’ experience, insight and vision. Defining the target market, promoting word of mouth marketing and basing today off of the future relationships within your community are the steps needed to successfully integrate a social media marketing plan. The Business Insider looks at 2014 as the year of the entrepreneur. The New Year can be anticipated as a growth year. Complementing these future areas of growth to your business practices should be your goal to accomplish within the next four quarters. 

There are a handful of social media platforms that are useful in promoting real estate and property management services. Approaching the plethora of social media options the right way is a talent that many have yet to acquire. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most commonly used platforms for real estate. There are over 1 billion people currently using Facebook. Twitter is versatile as a result of its hashtags and live updates of what’s going on within the industry and in relation to specific properties. LinkedIn is a great platform to post jobs as well as articles about industry trends and collaborative efforts.
The potential of utilizing other social media platforms for the benefit of this industry next year and with years to come is a very exciting prediction. Video platforms have been vital to the industry for some time now, but newer and more advanced video capabilities are continuing to become available. People might find a use for multiple app capabilities such as Vine, etc. Instagram is being used more and more to provide a personable platform for photos portraying properties in unique and picturesque ways.

We are currently experiencing the best of a collaborative economy. Companies need to take advantage of it in terms of maintaining a positive internet presence and prevalence. Manipulating your website, blogs and social media sites to your company’s advantage is a modern talent. It is fundamental to produce dynamic content versus static. Take action in SEO optimization or by using other services such as Yodle, MerchantCircle or ReachLocal and you will see the positive correlation with respect to more internet traffic.

The social media revolution going on this decade is opening up many windows of opportunity for businesses across the board. Jumping on the band wagon and taking advantage of ways to implement social media into the real estate world is an exciting new opportunity.

Incorporating social media into your business plan is more of a secondary support system when it comes to leasing. Recent changes to Craigslist are making it more and more difficult to advertise in aesthetically pleasing ways. Finding out how to draw the most attention to your company by utilizing social media is the best way to reinforce credibility.

As long as you incorporate strategy, timing and conversation into your social media plan, it will be a success. Employees will feel more of a personable and visual connection to the company they work for and what it’s aiming to achieve. Having a handful of frequently updated social media platforms will prove to clients that you go the extra mile to be informed and knowledgeable of the respective industry.

Lauren Ginder works as a marketing manager for Pacific Crest Real Estate where she integrates brand loyalty into their network of employees, owners and residents. She can be reached at 206-812-9144 or via email.