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Design Efforts to Make Your Facebook Post Stand Out

Social media is one of the most effective free advertising marketplaces available for your apartment complex. With Facebook, people log in when they want to relax and chat with friends, making them more receptive to targeted ads and promoted posts that fit their current needs. This makes it crucial for you to have an informative, engaging Facebook presence.

What to Post

Posting an occasional status update or photo of the grounds is a good start, but you can do so much more. Facebook for Business, Forbes, and PostPlanner have some suggestions to make your posts more awesome:

  • Follow the 80/20 principle — 80% visual content, 20% text. Not only are picture posts more likely to get shared, they go farther in Facebook’s newest marketing algorithm — meaning more clicks, likes, and comments! 
  • Share a mix of informational, value-adding content (a change in office hours, a limited-time rent discount for new residents) and fun stuff (Grumpy Cat memes, pictures from the complex-wide cookout, various staffers’ favorite thing about Christmas). 
  • Have one recurring feature that you update every week or month, to get people in the habit of checking your page for it. These could be monthly maintenance tips, a recurring game or contest, or any other creative idea you come up with. 
  • Keep most of your text cheerful and about the length of a tweet. Your posts and tone of voice should be consistent with the overall atmosphere you aim for in your complex — be it sophisticated, casual, urban, family-oriented, etc. 
  • Have a video made of one or more sample apartments, the complex grounds, your amenities, and convenient local attractions. 


The good news is that if you follow these suggestions, the likes and shares should start to trickle in on their own! Higher organic view rates for your posts mean more engagement from viewers — and more business and resident satisfaction as an outcome.

How to Engage New and Current Residents

Getting more page views is great, but you won’t know exactly how well you’re connecting with your audience if they don’t talk back to you. This is especially important for prospective residents. They want to see that you still value and pay attention to your tenants, even after they’ve signed the lease. Check out these ways to amp up your engagement:

  • Ask questions to fuel feedback. Make follow-up posts to let people know when you implement changes that they had input on. 
  • Check with your Facebook Insights to see when your residents are active on Social Media. Increase your activity during those times. 
  • Reply to all comments and questions as soon as possible — even the negative ones.
  • Don’t just post something cool and leave it sitting there; encourage viewers to click, watch, or otherwise engage with it. 
  • Obtain residents’ permission to mention them, in a “Resident of the Month”-type feature or a periodic feedback post. If their comments are positive, thank them for recommending you; if negative, show how you plan to fix their concerns. 
  • Keep updating regularly, even if you feel you have nothing to say. A quick photo stating “It’s a wonderful day to lie out by our pool!” is better than not having posted anything for three months. That makes you look dull or out of date to prospective residents. 
  • As long as you aren’t violating any copyrights, bring in a character that everyone loves. For example, ask rhetorically about a recent change you’ve noticed in apartment life; then include a picture of Kermit drinking tea and saying, “But that’s none of my business!” 


With these tips in mind, you’ll be off to a great start.

How to Fully Optimize Your Apartment Page

Before you start building your content, make sure your overall page is visit-worthy. According to Social Media Examiner, your cover and profile photos should be current, attractive, and the right resolution for their size. Make sure that your Description, Mission, and Company Overview all include a shortened link to your website and a roughly hundred-word summary of your complex. These tips will help in Graph Search, a targeted Facebook search feature that uses the friend networks of potential residents to help them find you when they’re seeking a new apartment or home.

How have you garnered interaction with your Facebook posts?

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