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Celebrate Your Apartment Career

February means different things to different people. Some people think of Valentine’s Day. Others think of Presidents’ Day. For NAAEI, February marks Apartment Careers Month, which is when we remind others of the exciting job opportunities offered by our industry.

We’ve all heard stories about how the recent recession has impacted the job market. Many of us probably know someone who either lost their job or is struggling to find one – even as our economy starts to recover and unemployment rates start to fall. Those of us who work in the apartment industry have been fortunate as our industry has continued to grow, creating strong demand for new employees. But, many job seekers still don’t realize the wide variety of career opportunities available in multifamily housing.

Few industries offer a portable career with ample opportunity for advancement. Think about it, almost every town in America has at least one apartment community with each requiring a team of people to professionally manage it. We’re also an industry that caters to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. From marketing to maintenance, we need people who can perform many different types of jobs. And, we are also one of the few industries that provides new college graduates with jobs that many will decide to turn into long-term, rewarding careers.

I travel around the country a lot visiting our affiliates and their members. I have the chance to hear how people came to the apartment industry and why they chose to make it their career. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that few people set out one day to pursue a career in the apartment industry. The ways in which they came to the industry are as diverse as the people themselves. Some may have heard about the job opportunity from a friend while others may have come across an entry-level job opening and decided to apply. They stayed in the industry because of the advancement opportunities, the people and the fact that every day is different.

I encourage you to share your own stories with others who may be looking for a new career or who are simply wanting to try something different. I shared apartment career information with my niece, nephew and cousin, and they all started their careers in the apartment industry after college.

It’s not too late to plan your own activity for Apartment Careers Month. We even offer a toolkit to help you. We also are offering free webinars on “Introduction to Careers in the Apartment Industry” (Feb. 16) and “How to Find that Apartment Job and Ace your Interview” (Feb. 29).  I also encourage you to take a look at our new website targeting recent college graduates.

Above all, I hope you take this month to celebrate the fact that you are working in a vibrant industry that serves more than 53 million Americans on a daily basis. Share your enthusiasm with others. Maybe you will help a friend, family member or neighbor find their Apartment Career!