#AptRevenue | National Apartment Association


Social media is an emerging arena for apartment investors, owners, and marketers looking to improve net operating income (NOI) and keep their revenue management systems appropriately juiced with demand. At the 2013 Apartment Revenue Management Conference, presentations on renewal analytics and resident satisfaction are likely to address the social realm. The conference itself--like all industry events in this day and age--will also be punctuated, commented, repurposed and reposted to social media platforms as it unfolds.

At least two sessions at the Apartment Revenue Management Conference will discuss the emerging analytical value of social media and user content in the multifamily business. “Customer Relationship Management Systems and Business Intelligence” on Monday September 23 at 4:15 will feature Salesforce.com’s SVP of Big Data Analytics – Keith Bigelow, along with Tina Mortera, Senior Vice President of Alliance Residential, Chris Brust of ReLuminous and moderator, Erik Rogers from Carmel Partners. Tina and Keith will discuss social discovery in the CRM program, and its potential for generating additional yield.

And on Wednesday morning September 25, our “Untapped Arbitrage: Resident Satisfaction” will discuss using resident feedback to systematically determine what they value and what makes an apartment community harder to leave.

“Social media” has many meanings and delivery points. Some of them have relevance for the business of maximizing asset value, just as LinkedIn has business value for real estate managers but MySpace probably doesn’t.

In our own small way,  the social media arm for the Apartment Revenue Management Conference provides some business value for social media - reaching into Facebook, where NAA's official page regularly features revenue management news and conference updates, and of course also in the blogosphere here at APTly Spoken. Throw in our industry's vibrant Twitter ecosystem and you've got real-time access to revenue management news, trends and insights. 

We look forward to continuing to engage in the revenue management conversation in our social spheres, and encourage all of our friends, contacts, and re-tweeters to  promote registration to the Apartment Revenue Management Conference, Sept. 23-25 at Turnberry Isle Miami. It's going to be a #AptRevenue event you won't forget.