Affiliate Spotlight: AOBA's First Quarter Highlights

To help members and prospective members understand the significant work accomplished by our Advocacy team, the Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA) developed First Quarter Highlights. This brief publication was distributed to our members and to a select list of prospects as well as posted on our website. It’s designed to be a “quick read” focused on key issues facing members.

The publication also provides a great way to highlight a particularly busy and productive time of the year for AOBA, with full-time staff assigned to cover the General Assemblies in Maryland and Virginia as well as the Council of the District of Columbia. The biggest challenge with First Quarter Highlights was keeping it “short and sweet” so that it actually would get read by our busy members!

Marie Tibor
Director of Communications and Education
Washington, D.C.

AOBA First Quarter Highlights

 (Click image to read the First Quarter Highlights)

Event Highlights

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