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Apartment Advocate: Multifamily Aspects of Housing Finance Bill Analyzed


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May 5, 2014
On the Hill
Senators Johnson and Crapo
Multifamily Analysis of Johnson-Crapo GSE Bill Issued – A new NAA/NMHC analysis of the Johnson-Crapo housing finance reform legislation looks at the multifamily-specific aspects of the bill …

Civil Rights Groups Allege Housing Discrimination Against Hearing Impaired – Early this year, the National Fair Housing Alliance was joined by others in filing complaints against nine apartment property owners and management companies alleging housing discrimination against deaf and hearing impaired individuals …

Around the Nation
Oregon City Council Considering Expanding Protected Classes to Include “Students” – The Ashland City Council is considering a proposal to expand its definition of recognized protected classes under its Fair Housing ordinance to include students. This is in response to students’ claims that they are often denied housing opportunities ... SOU Students  
Houston City Council Passes Hoarding Ordinance – The Houston City Council has passed an ordinance that targets potentially dangerous cases of hoarding in apartments, townhomes and condominium communities. The Texas city started with multifamily housing because of the increased risk of endangering others …
Advocacy Connections
WAY Outside the Beltway: House District Directors on the DOs and DON’Ts of In-State Meetings – In partnership with NAA, the Congressional Management Foundation provides insights from members of Congress’s district directors about meetings at home in this 9-minute video ...

Learn More as an Advocate – If you attended the 2014 NAA Capitol Conference, hear from the experts again with these audio recordings from four highly engaging educational sessions to reinforce what you learned. And if you were unable to attend, now is your chance to become an advocacy expert ...

House and Senate Positions on Key Issues in 2014 – What’s the likelihood that the House and Senate will consider key legislation in 2014? Except for two bills, it’s uncertain or unlikely that other major issues will be considered this year ...

In This Edition...
  • Housing Finance Reform
  • Fair Housing
  • Protected Class: Students
  • Hoarding
  • Advocacy Resources
Advocacy Blogs

Capitol Update:
greg brownGreg Brown Drama of House Members Distracts From GOP Agenda
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kathleen gambleKathleen Gamble Open Mouth, Insert Foot
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Advocacy Resources

“Apartments Work: The Policymaker’s Guide to Rental Housing” Brochure

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What Do You Think?
Do you think apartment owners and managers should voluntarily provide voter registration forms to new residents upon move-in? Vote now. Results will be announced in the next edition.

Results of the last poll: Which industry issue do you think has more chance of seeing Congressional action this year – housing finance reform or tax reform? Answer: Respondents were split 50-50.

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