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Internet of Things Can Offer Perks for Residents

How informed are you when it comes to the latest technologies available to help your community?

Thanks to the Internet of Things, consumers are now connected to nearly everything through their smartphones or other technological devices. But how acquainted are you with some of these newer technologies, and how can you use them in your community to help your office and your residents?

Wireless technologies such as ZigBee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi have played an integral role in connecting appliances to one another and to control devices in order to create home-automation systems. These systems can manage everything from lights to HVACs to blinds, but for commercial applications, the systems may be most useful for security. Using these devices, managers can stay on top of when spaces are locked or accessed and can create video-monitoring setups to keep track of comings and goings, especially after regular business hours.

Location awareness is a increasingly used feature for many mobile apps to pinpoint the location of a device and transmit information based on that locale. For residents, this technology is helpful for finding businesses in the area, such as restaurants, dry cleaners, grocery stores, etc. Managers can use this service to promote their communities by pinging people in the immediate area with advertisements and specials. 

Network infrastructure is evolving as well. Although 5G is in development, LTE-Advanced is still readily available as a fast-operating network. To enhance speed and efficiency, carriers are still looking to add carrier aggregation, enhanced intercell interference coordination (eICIC), coordinated multipoint (CoMP) and advanced HetNet capabilities, among other features, to the LTE-Advanced spectrum, according to FierceWirelessTech


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