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RoboWall Makes Small Apartments Bigger

Digested From “Wave a Hand to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger”
CNet (02/13/14) Blazenhoff, Rusty

MIT Media Lab's Changing Places research group has been developing CityHome, a futuristic and innovative design project that places a configurable robotic piece of furniture -- dubbed a RoboWall -- in apartments and tiny residences. This 182-square-foot mechanical box is designed to respond to residents' hand gestures, pulling components out to turn empty floor space into a bedroom, office, living room, or dining room, and tucking them back in when they are not needed anymore. In addition, the contraption can be pushed around to expand a bathroom to twice its size or double a kitchen's counter space, thus maximizing the limited space in small units. 

Furthermore, apps can be installed in the RoboWall as a way to smoothly integrate technology. Controlled either by voice or touch, these customizable apps can do everything from adjust a home's lights to turn on music. The system is intended for newly erected buildings, but the MIT group states that it can also be used "to retrofit old apartments."

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