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October 2013 Edition
Top 4 Multifamily Technology Trends for 2014
D2 Demand Solutions Inc. President Donald Davidoff, having served as a speaker at two recent apartment industry conferences, has pinpointed a number of developing trends, opportunities, and challenges that will be facing the multifamily industry in 2014 and beyond with regards to technology. Among them is increasing the volume of online ratings and reviews. Due to slow transaction volume, the average number of reviews for any given apartment community is still extremely low. Also important moving forward will be the strategic application of revenue management to new community lease-up.

Integrating BI and CRM: A Game-Changing (But Pricey) Initiative
The application of business intelligence (BI) tools to customer relationship management (CRM) systems within the apartment sector requires a companywide effort in order to be successful. An integrated BI/CRM platform is not a cheap endeavor either, and changing behaviors based on performance analytics can also be challenging. One firm that has risen to the challenge is Alliance Residential, which recently launched an internally developed talent management system allowing for BI analytics and performance-metric analysis by job function as well as property and portfolio-wide.
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Affordable Internet Comes to K.C.
Three years ago, Google announced that Kansas City would be the first place in the world to get its experimental, ultra-high-speed broadband Internet service dubbed Google Fiber. Today, the city is looking even more futuristic because it is also home to another experimental broadband effort that hasn't received as much international attention. Just over a year ago, a ragtag alliance of affordable-Internet supporters started building their own nonprofit wireless Internet service specifically designed for low-income households. They call this system the KC Freedom Network and it offers something to users they say Google does not: truly affordable Internet.

What Is the Most Popular In-Home Automation?
A new Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) survey of 1,000 people has determined that energy efficiency technologies are the most popular home automation options in U.S. households. Programmable and/or smart thermostats topped home security and entertainment automation for top honors. However, researchers lament that few residents use their programmable thermostats correctly, if at all. Now, a new generation of smart thermostats that connect with smartphones and the Internet are making programming easier.

Social Network Referral Channel Drives Leads
Strategies and software continue to be developed that can help apartment owners and managers leverage social media to help market their communities. Some are finding that leads can be generated by combining Web-based referral programs with popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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Blog Roll
A glance at some of the interesting and relevant blogs from members of the National Suppliers Council:

A Brief Guide to Recent Google Algorithm Changes for the Multifamily Industry
Since the inception of Google, its founders have been constantly improving and altering the effectiveness and method of their search engine. Another way to say this is that they regularly roll out algorithm updates that adjust website rankings, with the expressed intention of making the best content available to the people who are looking for it.
The Apartment Marketing Blog of Resident360

The Truth About Google+
Who is using Google+? Is Google+ something I should join for my business? Are the reported usage numbers really accurate? Google has been pretty protective of the actual Google plus numbers, and while often thrown in the same category as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, it has some unique features and its own unique language which serve as differentiating factors.
Digital Sherpa a blog of Network Communications

Passwords Heading for Passe?
The password and its powers to secure our data is a topic that’s constantly on the minds of technology companies, and equally discussed by users. The central problem with the current form of data protection is what it needs to be most effective: passwords should be long, complicated and changed regularly, thus increasing the possibility that they be forgotten by the account holder. Considering that they typical person nowadays requires 11 unique passwords, the system is unsustainable.
The Balance Sheet, a blog of Yardi

Change Management
Change is inevitable, but it has never been easy. So it makes sense that change management is often an uphill battle. This rings true whether you’re implementing a new technology or simply trying to create more efficient processes for your team. Plus, there’s a lot at stake. Studies show that each time a change effort fails, resistance to new processes goes up making it that much more difficult to build support for new initiatives.
The Blog of Property Solutions
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