NSC Mailing List Segmentation Options

NSC Mailing List Segmentation Options

Following are examples of suggested NAA member segments to use in determining the target groups for your mailing list rental. Please indicate the groups you would like to target on the NSC Mailing List Rental form.

Member Segment

Associate Individuals that work for industry vendors.
Management Company CEOs Individuals that hold the top position at management companies.  They have CEO, President, Partner or Owner in their job title.
Executive Level
at Management Company
Individuals that work for management companies and have the title of VP or other C level position (ex. COO, CFO, CIO) in their job title.
Regional (Mid) Management personnel Individuals that work for management companies and have Director, District, Regional, Operations, Multi-state or National in their job title, and individuals that work for a management company’s regional office but do not have a job title on file. 
Management Company personnel Individuals that work for management companies (head office) but do not have a job title on file or one that cannot be defined into one of the groupings above.
Individuals working at communities or properties. These are typically Community Mangers, Leasing Professionals, and Maintenance personnel.
Owner/IRO Independent rental owners with fewer than 500 units.


Member Counts by Member Segment and Unit Range   


  0 1-100  101-500 501-1,000 1,000-2,000 2,001-5,000 5,000+ Total
Associate 23,257 0 0 0 0 0 0 23,257
Management Company CEOs  85 214 210 82 86 106 90 873
Management Company,
Executive Level
118 51 224 175 191 326 380 1,465
Management Personnel
161 74 624 365 300 617 770 2,911
Management Company
238 607 2,295 1,610 1,856 2,551 2,329 11,486
Onsite Personnel 6,716 10,015 32,170 1,833 347 115 137 51,333
Owner/IRO 2,930 22,776 1,125 0 0 0 0 26,831



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