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NAA Member Injured in Marathon Bombing

Medical Expense Fund Established

NAA and the Rental Housing Association of Boston (RHA) is reporting that Roseann Sdoia, a colleague from National Development and member of RHA, was among those seriously injured by the second bomb during the Boston Marathon.

President Obama is reported to have visited Roseann this week and she showed her strong and positive spirit.

If you would like to make a donation to Roseann's fund, please use the button below. This fund has been set up specifically for her. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone that may have known Roseann or might like to make a contribution.

Donate to Roseann's Fund

The photo (below) was provided to RHA by National Development. The red arrow is pointing to Roseann Sdoia.

The bag circled was believed to hold one of the bombs, this picture was taken shortly before it exploded and we believe she was on the bomb side of the mailbox when it went off.

Boston Marathon Bomb Photo