Happy 75th, NAA! | National Apartment Association

Happy 75th, NAA!

We are celebrating NAA’s 75th Anniversary throughout 2014, and invite all of our members—past and present—to join us in commemorating the occasion. We owe everything to you, after all.

Please dust off your old photo albums and check in the back closet to see if you have any pictures, print materials, momentos or general memorabilia and trivia from the past 75 years. These items can include things that reference your association, NAA or NAA’s logo. NAA is happy to return these items upon the conclusion of the year.

Although the festivities are year-long, our Diamond Anniversary will be celebrated in an especially big way during the 2014 NAA Education Conference & Exposition in June. From old, embarrassing photos to anniversary swag and a few surprises, too, we invite you to join us in Denver for the big bash. 

We may be turning 75, but NAA is ready to party like we’re 25! 

Please contact Lauren Boston with your input, contributions or any other ideas for this special anniversary.

Learn more about our celebration and download the 75th logo for your materials.