In the event of an emergency, it’s always best to be prepared. NAA has cultivated resources to help you ensure your community is ready for the unexpected.


NAA Emergency Preparedness is your source for information and resources related to preparing for and responding to the emergencies that can affect your community. Find information about what you can do to prepare yourself and your community in the event of an emergency.

NAA Releases Ebola Guidance

NAA recognizes that both members and residents have concerns over how apartment communities are dealing with the Ebola virus and in an effort to provide you with some guidance and information you should know to be prepared, we have compiled materials from official sources. This information may be found using emergency and disaster library link below.

The following Q&A was compiled by our colleagues at the Texas Apartment Association. It addresses managing rental housing issues related to Ebola within the state of Texas as it relates to both management and residents' concerns. Bear in mind that these recommendations are specific to Texas and your own state and local laws may differ, therefore you need to research regulations in your own area. This is to serve as an example template that may aid other states and localities in developing their own specific materials. Please contact your local and/or state affiliates for further assistance.

Ebola & Rental Housing in Texas: Frequently Asked Questions


NAA's Emergency & Disaster Library

The documents found in this library help members plan for natural disasters and other emergencies.

The Emergency & Disaster Library resources have been split into sub-categories for easier browsing:

  • Health and biohazard preparedness
  • Specific weather-related documents, such as hurricanes, winter storms and tornadoes
  • General disaster planning
  • Disaster recovery

Periodic natural disasters displace Americans across the country from their housing. National Apartment Association members have a history of generosity in response to these events. NAA is proud to recognize its members' philanthropic housing efforts.

NAA supports the American Red Cross. For information on how to help disaster victims, including directions for making monetary contributions, please visit the American Red Cross.