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NAA Click & Lease is proud to set the national standard in lease documentation. If you're considering a lease program with integrity or just want more information please let us know and we will be happy to help!

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Scot Haislip, Esq.
Assistant Vice President, National Lease Program

Lauren Kelly
Manager of Legal Affairs

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Gina Torretti
Lease Program Operations Manager, National Lease Program

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Emily Columbia
Business Development Manager, National Lease Program

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Revenue Sharing Program for Local Apartment Associations

Another value-added benefit of the NAA Click & Lease is its revenue sharing program. In support of our commitment to assist state and local apartment associations in our network achieve their business objectives, NAA shares a percentage of all Lease Forms revenue earned.  This revenue directly supports such activities as education and government relations where the property is located.  It’s a win-win program that benefits all. 

Scot Haislip, Esq.
Assistant Vice President, National Lease Program

Technical Questions

For questions regarding Forms Online, the Web-based format products, including system requirements, pricing, how to order, etc., contact Blue Moon Software or visit

If you have any questions regarding the actual Blue Moon program, including installing, downloading, printing, importing data, transferring data, all pop up messages appearing in the program, click usage, or any trouble shooting, contact Blue Moon Software Technical Support.

Javier Gonzalez

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