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Enrolling in the program is only a click away. Only communities that are members in good standing of a NAA affiliated apartment association (or a direct member of NAA if a local or state affiliate doesn’t exist) may enroll in the Lease Program.


How to Enroll

  1. Member versus Non-Member - Questions regarding membership should be directed to the closest NAA affiliate or NAA’s lease department.
  2. Purchase a site license - Enrolling in the lease program is just a click away. To apply for a site license, simply go to and follow the instructions or call Blue Moon Software staff at 800-772-1004.
  3. Clicks for printing forms - Your initial purchase of National Lease Program comes with a complimentary set of 300 FREE clicks! Clicks are used each time you print a page of any lease form. Each lease form has been assigned a specific click value, and some forms are automatically printed in duplicate. For example, if you print a six-page apartment lease and a two-page inventory and condition form (lengths vary by state), the counter would be reduced by 14 clicks: 12 for two copies of the six-page lease, and two for one copy of the two-page inventory form.

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