How to Enroll

To participate in the National Lease Program each community needs:

  1. A site license
  2. The forms program 
  3. "Clicks" for printing forms

Only communities that are members in good standing of a NAA affiliated apartment association (or a direct member of NAA if a local or state affiliate doesn’t exist) may join the program.

How to Enroll:

  • Enrolling in the lease program is just a click away. To apply for a site license, simply go to and follow the instructions or call Blue Moon Software staff at 800-772-1004. To purchase multiple site licenses, simply call 800-772-1004. Order the program now and pay for it later. If you don’t like the program, you can return it without payment. Questions regarding membership should be directed to the closest NAA affiliate or NAA’s lease department, 703-518-6141 or

  • Your initial purchase of National Lease Program comes with a complimentary set of 300 FREE clicks! Clicks are used each time you print a page of any lease form. Each lease form has been assigned a specific click value, and some forms are automatically printed in duplicate. For example, if you print a 6-page apartment lease and a 2-page inventory and condition form (lengths vary by state), the counter would be reduced by 14 clicks: 12 for two copies of the 6-page lease, and 2 for one copy of the 2-page inventory form.

  • The National Lease Program contains a built-in counter that tracks printing of lease forms. The program is equipped with instructions on how to order additional clicks. The additional click orders are automatically sent through email. Orders may be emailed or faxed. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

  • Additional clicks beyond the 300 that are provided free with the program may be purchased from within the program. Blue Moon will automatically update your click counter once the order has been approved. Form clicks are priced according to the quantity ordered at one time. The price per click is discounted when purchasing in larger quantities.

  • From time to time, NAA makes changes to the lease forms to comply with changes in state law or as deemed necessary. If changes are made in the forms or in the program, you will automatically receive, completely free of charge, all form revisions and program updates for a period of one year from the date of purchase or renewal. Updates are automatically reflected in your program.

  • Site licenses are renewable annually for a small fee. Simply call 800-772-1004 to renew.

  • Blue Moon Software provides free telephone technical support for the program, as well as free updates for the first year and thereafter as long as you renew your annual license.




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