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The NAA Lease is the Industry Standard.

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NAA Click & Lease
The NAA Click & Lease is a web-based leasing program offered exclusively to members of the National Apartment Association. This powerful and easy-to-use leasing program allows an apartment community to save time and money by speeding up preparation and printing of legal documents. In addition to providing greater efficiency to the onsite leasing process, prospective residents may fill out a rental application online, and property managers may audit and edit entire portfolios of leases with a few clicks of a mouse.
The lease and accompanying addenda cover every aspect of the rental process and are reviewed by expert attorneys to ensure legal compliance. The language of the lease is constantly monitored and modified to reflect new legislation or jurisprudence. This valuable NAA member benefit is currently available in 46 states as well as the District of Columbia.
Currently, more than 17,000 communities nationwide are enrolled in the NAA Click & Lease program. The program continues to grow exponentially each year and is a proven and valuable tool for NAA members. Customers participating in the program include some of the largest multifamily REITs and privately held real estate firms in the country. NAA Click & Lease is the most widely used standardized lease form in the multifamily housing industry.
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Student Housing Lease

A bed-by-bed individualized lease with additional student specific provisions such as shared housing notice and individual transfer and relocation provisions amongst others.


Revenue Sharing Program for Local Apartment Associations

Another value-added benefit of the NAA Click & Lease is its revenue sharing program. In support of our commitment to assist state and local apartment associations in our network achieve their business objectives, NAA shares a percentage of all Lease Forms revenue earned.  This revenue directly supports such activities as education and government relations where the property is located.  It’s a win-win program that benefits all.  Contact us for more information, about the revenue sharing program.