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Music Licensing

Music Licensing Chart

Music Licensing at a Glance – NAA has created a flow chart for property owners and managers to use to evaluate music licensing needs. The chart is not intended to be legal advice. 

Copyright Office Releases Exhaustive Report on Music Licensing - The U.S. Copyright Office has released a report that provides a detailed analysis of the basics of music copyright and licensing rules, identifies challenges in the current system and makes recommendations for improvement.

NMHC White Paper: Music Licensing Basics for Apartment Communities - The use of music by an apartment community may require a license to avoid violating copyright law. This NMHC white paper provides general information about copyright and music licensing principles and a basic framework to assist apartment companies. (Members only)

Tuning in to Music Copyright Rules - Broadcasting “public performance” music at a community is something apartment management must consider. Article from the August 2013 issue of Units Magazine.


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