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NAAEI Leadership NOW Program

Your most valuable resource is your people. In the NAAEI Leadership NOW Program, executives learn how to maximize this resource and solve current business challenges by driving employee engagement. This program focuses on tactics for building engagement in a fast-paced work environment. It is designed to introduce concepts, strategies, and tools that assist leaders in building their leadership brand, maximizing strengths and unleashing the human potential within their workplace. The NAAEI Leadership NOW Program incorporates the findings of Gallup’s extensive and ongoing research.




The program targets High-Potential corporate executives.

Learning Format

This program uses adult learning models and experiential methods to create an interactive, energizing, and application-based learning experience that is focused on driving performance at work through a strengths-based approach.

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Upcoming Courses:

  • August 17-18, 2016
    Gallup World Headquarters
    901 F. Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20004

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After participating in the program, leaders will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their unique strengths, specifically in the context of their leadership role.
  • Gauge how different management styles support or undermine strength-building behaviors that lead to employee engagement and enhanced performance. Assess their workgroup’s engagement levels and develop a plan to achieve crucial business outcomes.
  • Understand the Four Keys to Great Management — drivers that have been proven to develop effective management. 
  • Formulate a personal management development plan and an action plan to drive their team’s performance based on their one-on-one session with a Gallup Executive Coach.


Prior to Session: Individualized Leader Development

  • The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment provides the Leader with insights into his/her areas of greatest strengths.
  • StrengthsFinder learning introduces the Leader to the basics of the strengths theory and strengths-based development concepts.
  • The Q12 employee engagement survey is administered to team members reporting to the Leader and measures their emotional attachment to their workplace, a bond that produces remarkable financial results for organizations.


Post Session: Additional Coaching

Follow-up coaching sessions with a Gallup Executive Coach helps Leaders to maximize the momentum and energy generated during the program. Together, the Leader and the coach can establish a follow-up plan and track the Leader’s progress as he or she develops best practices and refines their management strategy.


For more information please contact Kimberly McCrossen at 703-797-0610.


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