What is CAMnesty?
CAMnesty is a new program that offers individuals who have started but may not have completed their Certified Apartment Manager (CAM)  designation the opportunity to pick up where they left off and earn the CAM designation.

Who qualifies for the program?
Students who enrolled prior to 2006 are not eligible for CAMnesty. CAMnesty is designed for those individuals who, since 2006, have completed all requirements for the CAM designation with the exception of either the community analysis, the exam or both.

How much does it cost?
The amount of the fee varies depending on when the individual started their CAM studies.

If a CAM candidate has allowed their candidacy to expire for less than two years, that person would pay $250 to take advantage of the CAMnesty program.
If more than two years have passed, then the individual would pay a $350 fee.

What does the fee cover?
Participation in the CAMnesty program includes:

  • CAM extension fee
  • Access to the new online Research, Analysis and Evaluation module
  • A webinar tutorial
  • The CAM exam at a local testing center operated by Castle Worldwide (CAM exam Part I and/or Part II)
  • CAM certificate and pin

How long will the CAMnesty period last?
The CAMnesty period is expected to last through December 2014.

How do I participate?
You can contact your local National Apartment Association affiliate or complete the CAMnesty Application.

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