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Monday, September 23

3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Revenue Management and Marketing, Envisioning the New Synthesis
We've asked three operational thought leaders to envision the near-future in which revenue management and marketing will be tightly intertwined. Advances in digital marketing and analytics may make it possible to do things like: source leads in response to a demand forecast; effectively determine the cost tradeoff in sourcing traffic versus incremental yield; identify which consumers respond to value-based marketing offers as opposed to concessions and figure out if the lead source really does matter when it comes to propensity to pay.   
Speakers: Gina Johnson, Pacific Living Properties, Director of Marketing; Mary Herrold, JVM Realty Corporation, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development; Scott Villani,The NRP Group, Vice President of Marketing
Moderated by: Richard Hughes, RealPage, Vice President, Strategic Revenue Systems
Powerpoint Presentation: Revenue Management

4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
Customer Relationship Management Systems and Business Intelligence   
With the speedy evolution of Business Intelligence into the multifamily asset manager's lexicon, it's time for a comprehensive review of the data and analytics available for making more optimized operational and rent/renewal decisions. ARM this year will make the case for broader adoption and integration of CRM systems into apartment management, featuring a panel of owners already seeing results by integrating management, marketing, and maintenance data into better analytics on resident and prospect willingness to convert, renew, and pay premiums on their rental lifestyle decision-making.     
Speakers: Tina Mortera, Alliance Residential, SVP of Performance; Chris Brust, ReLuminous, Co-Founder
Moderated by: Erik Rogers, Carmel Partners, Senior Vice President of Operations
Powerpoint Presentation: Customer Relationship Management

Tuesday, September 24

9:15 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Opening Keynote: Hotels, Rock and Roll and Real Estate   
Greg Cross is Senior Vice President of Revenue Management for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.  A 30+ year hotel industry veteran, Cross is responsible for maximizing Hyatt's guest room sales strategy for over 500 hotels. Prior to joining Hyatt in 2010, Cross was senior vice president of revenue management at Live Nation Entertainment, where he researched & recommended ticket prices for rock concert tours and created the functional requirements for a dynamic ticket pricing strategy.  He will present a wide-ranging session on the state of the art regarding optimized pricing.  With his broad experience in business intelligence, customer interactions and value optimization, His session will invite your participation, and questions and interaction will be encouraged.    
Keynote Speaker: Greg Cross, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Senior Vice President, Revenue Management
Moderated by: Steve Lefkovits, Joshua Tree Conference Group, Executive Producer

10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Baby Come Back: The Best in Renewal Analytics   
If lead source can provide insight on conversion rates, can it likewise predict propensity to renew? Using lead attribution as a starting base and examining touch-points across the customer experience lifecycle, we'll feature rent roll specialists who are crunching the numbers and finding what input factors influence resident renewal decisions, alongside traditional 90, 60, 30-day form letters. Get em to re-sign on the dotted line with renewal strategies proven at best in class communities across the country.     
Speakers: Rajiv Verma, AvalonBay Communities, Director of Revenue Management; Randall Wynne, TriBridge Residential, Operations Manager
Moderated by: Stacy Westbay, Revenue Edge, President
Powerpoint Presentation: Baby Come Back

Secret Shopping and Pricing Discussions Gone Wrong   
Apartment Revenue Management features a look at the 10 biggest disconnects in leasing agent and prospect pricing discussions. From differences between advertised and quoted lease terms to leasing agents negotiating for better pricing on behalf of the prospect, learn how to avoid pricing pitfalls at the point of sale. Speakers with actual pricing discussions captured on video will present at this eye-opening Apartment Revenue Management event.     
Speakers: Kris Wegener, Business Observations, Principal; John Reardon, Beacon Communities, Marketing Director
Moderated by: Dirk Wakeham, Westlake Ventures, LLC, Managing Partner
Powerpoint Presentation: Secret Shopping

Noon - 1:15 p.m.
Networking Lunch and Roundtable Discussions: As an option to enhance the conference experience, we are excited to facilitate limited small-group discussions of certain topics during our hosted lunch.  Moderators will lead conversations among the group that sits down at their specified table (look for signage) on the following topics.  Attendees will be asked to bring questions, comments and items to discuss with the group.  All roundtables are informal and optional and attendees are allowed to sample more than one during their lunch break.
Speakers: Jim Kjolhede, Satteron Enterprises, Principal; Donald Davidoff, D2 Demand Solutions, Founder; Dr. Wouter Botzen, VU University Amsterdam, Assistant Professor; Kevin Huss, Resource Residential, Vice President, Revenue Management; Blerim Zequiri, Alliance Residential, Director of Revenue Management and Research
Powerpoint Presentation: Networking Lunch

New Development/Lease UP Pricing Analytics: Donald Davidoff, D2 Demand Solutions, Founder
New Ancillary Income Ideas: Jim Kjolhede, Satteron Enterprises, Principal
Low Probability Risks and Asset Values: Dr. Wouter Botzen, VU University Amsterdam, Assistant Professor.  Moderated by: Kevin Huss, Harbor Group Management Company, Director of Revenue Management
Revenue and Asset Management Careers: Blerim Zequiri, Alliance Residential, Director of Revenue Management and Research
Implementation and Training: Annie Laurie McCulloh, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Rainmaker LRO; Laurie Bennett, Director of Revenue Management, RentPush

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
High Impact Expense Management   
Even in a high-margin business, a dollar saved is one more dollar of NOI. This session's presenters will detail strategies for generating yield through recently popular expense-reduction initiatives.  We've asked them to focus on new things, and on strategies that may be complex, data-intensive or require an investment in software or process. Our goal is for everyone to leave with ideas and resources for tackling the next big project that will save expenses on their property or portfolio.   
Speakers: Brad Cribbins, Alliance Residential, Executive Vice President and COO; Nylavae - 'Nyla' Westlake, Tramell Crow Residential, Vice President - Asset Management
Moderated by: Jim Kjolhede, Satteron Enterprises, Principal

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Top 10 Submarkets Situation Room   
Are submarket performance and revenue gain opportunities in the eye of the beholder? The Apartment Revenue Management executive power panel matches a market data expert with a street-smart CEO and an authority on localized apartment search for a look at 10 of the countries hottest submarkets in a multi-disciplinary analysis of the intersection between submarket rent fundamentals, unit pricing, and real demand from observed prospect traffic.    
Speaker: Jay Denton, Axiometrics, Vice President, Research
Moderated by: Donna Summers, Gables Residential, Vice President - REIT
Powerpoint Presentation: Submarkets

2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Asset Valuation Forecasting: Black Swans and the Top 5 Things You Can't Control
Global insurance companies have been largely successful by mitigating risk with reliable forecasting, but even the best actuaries face unforeseen events. From crime and population to global warming, natural resource depletion and economic disasters, we'll take a deeper look into the how and why behind the forces majeure that can significantly deteriorate ROI and exit caps.      
Speakers: Blerim Zeqiri, Alliance Residential Co., Director of Revenue and Research; Dr. Wouter Botzen, VU University Amsterdam, Assistant Professor
Moderated by: Kevin Huss, Harbor Group Management Company, Director of Revenue Management
Powerpoint Presentation: Asset Valuation Forecasting

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Can You Beat the System? Human vs. Algorithm   
Despite the multifamily revenue management adoption curve, stalwarts remain who insist they can price their units better without software. On the flip side, consumers have learned to anticipate when dynamic pricing systems produce lower costs (think cheap airline flights). We'll take a look at both issues to determine if human business savvy can out play mathematics, or if algorithms are ultimately agnostic to the motives behind purchasing behavior.    
Speakers: Jessica Mills, Carmel Partners, Director of Revenue Management; Bryan Hilton, Simpson Housing, Senior Vice President, Revenue Management
Moderated by:  Stacy Westbay, Revenue Edge, President
Powerpoint Presentation: Can You Beat the System

4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
In the Hot Seat: Top New Revenue and Asset Management Products and Companies
Back by popular demand, we'll feature a panel of the most progressive and compelling start-ups in multifamily in a lighting round presentation of promised value propositions. Keep ahead of the curve with this who's who in developing systems, software, and operations technologies for the apartment industry.

  • LRO Student
  • Rentlytics
  • ReLuminous
  • Orion Business Intelligence, Yardi
  • Yieldstar Asset Optimization Suite     

Speakers: Justin Alanis, Rentlytics, CEO; Chris Brust, ReLuminous, Co-Founder;  Keith Dunkin, YieldStar, Senior Vice President; Becca Wilson,, CEO; Amar Duggasani, Rainmaker LRO, Executive Vice President; Michael Gaeta, Yardi, Development Manager
Moderated by: Dirk Wakeham, Westlake Ventures, LLC, Managing Partner
Powerpoint Presentation: In The Hot Seat...

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Wednesday, September 25

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Better Input = Better Output: Benchmarking and Comps   
Operational and pricing decisions can only be as good as the street intelligence of the asset and community managers who are calling the shots. Still, submarket competitive sets and asset benchmarking remain anything but an exact science. Successful operators will share tactics for gaining better precision behind the decision with a comprehensive review of the best strategies for obtaining reliable tactical data sets.     
Speakers: Greg Willett, MPF Research, Vice President, Research & Analysis; Kathie Savage, Cottonwood Residential, Director of Property Management Operations; Trachelle Spencer, Maxx Properties, Director of Revenue Management
Moderated by: Jim Kjolhede, Satteron Enterprises, Principal
Powerpoint Presentation: Better Input = Better Output

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Untapped Arbitrage: Resident Satisfaction   
Can we convert customer satisfaction into a raw score and use it to generate quantifiable demand curves? We'll look at resident satisfaction as the number one driver of renewals and how measured customer service improvement can become not only the top driver of incremental revenue, but a significant arbitrage opportunity for value-added investor models.
Speaker: Dave Romano, Equity, Vice President of Revenue Management; Francis Chow, Ellis Partners and Renter's Voice, Chief Strategy Officer
Moderated by: Donald Davidoff, D2 Demand Solutions, Founder
Powerpoint Presentation: Untapped Arbitrage

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Closing Session: For Owners/Managers Only Roundtable on Revenue Management
We are pleased to offer our first owners-only roundtable session on revenue management. Featuring a leadership panel of revenue management veterans and new-to-the-scene adopters, this closed door session is intended to discuss industry opportunities and wide-ranging challenges from a player-only perspective. Any attendee can bring questions and ask the panel or other members of the group for input or assistance. Topics may include things such as systems, executive and site training, implementation, empirical research, career paths, future trends.
Moderated by: Ian Mattingly, LumaCorp Inc., Executive Vice President; Brad Cribbins, Alliance Residential, Executive Vice President; Bryan Pierce, Holland Residential, LLC, Director of Revenue Management;  Donna Summers, Gables Residential, Vice President - REIT

Closing Session: Beyond Buzzwords: Real Improvements in the Revenue Management Customer Experience? Are new system versions or software iterations really taking us anywhere, or are we as an industry just repackaging the same old math and data? What is business intelligence? Is it really just access and reporting of data previously obscured by the machine? Kelly McGuire, Ph.D Executive Director, Hospitality and Travel Global Practice at SAS Institute, Inc. will deliver a candid assessment of the state of the typical revenue management practice in the lodging industry, and lay out her expert opinions on missed opportunities, areas for growth and the reasons why the top five "predicted" revenue management advancements haven't happened yet. Service providers and owner/managers alike will benefit from looking at the parallels and participating in group discussion following her presentation bringing the examples back to the multifamily industry. Come prepared to listen and discuss your own efforts with CRM systems, variable marketing and demand creation, business intelligence and social customer discovery your peers and world-class expert Dr. McGuire.
Speakers: Dharmendra Sawh, Yardi, Industry Principal, Revenue Management; Kelly McGuire, SAS Institute, Inc., Executive Director, Hospitality and Travel Global Practice; John Pringle, President, JHP Consultants LLC - Real Estate
Moderated by: Steve Lefkovits, Joshua Tree Conference Group, Executive Producer
Powerpoint Presentation: Beyond Buzzwords

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A Career with Growth & Opportunity

Career Growth and Opportunity  

Learn about the perks and benefits of working in residential property management and some of the reasons the industry provides career growth, stability and endless opportunities.