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Are You Likeable?

Apartment industry consultant Lisa Trosien uncovered a few strategies on how you can get more people to like you during her 2013 NAA Education Conference & Exposition session, titled "The Likeability Factor." In this "Lists" feature, five primary ways you can become a more "likeable" boss, employee, or every-day person are showcased.

Following are five ways you can become a more likable boss, employee, or every-day person.

  1. When in conversation, try to spur others to talk about themselves. Eliminate "I" from your end of the conversation. Agreement is so much better than conflict. Quick tip: Say "You're right" not "I Know."
  2. Only share content that people want. Don't waste others' time with trivial comments or minutiae. Quick tip: Serve up "snack" media (small bites of information). This is much more appetizing to your audience. Remember: They don't want big, long fattening meals of info.
  3. Ask yourself: "Would you rather work with a competent jerk or a 'likeable' fool?" What kind of colleague or supervisor are you?
  4. Keep in mind, people will walk away from great business offers just because they don't like the person they would have to work with if they made the deal.
  5. Remember, there will be days when you don't like yourself. You have to work at it. Every day. Yes, for some, this is hard.

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