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  • Yelp!

    I am researching various Reputation Management Platforms and would love to know about what you use at your company, if any. As far as online reviews go, does your company monitor any ones in particular? (website review, Yelp, Google, Apartment Ratings...) Thanks in advance    

  • Got Apps?

    We have to dare to be DIFFERENT!  I always coach my team to stand out from the competition.  We use tons of fun, cute apps in follow up, as posting and marketing.  In November, 3 of us from our company spoke at the Multifamily Pro Brainstormers conference and our session was on Fanatical Follow Up...

  • HOT NEWS! CRAZY CRAIGSLIST Contact Info Change!

    HOT NEWS!  Crazy Craigslist Contact Info Change! Have you noticed the latest change?  Your phone number no longer shows in your ad.  No really.  Your email doesn’t either.  Now a prospect has to click on a “show contact info” link in your ad.    And the more effort a prospect has to make, the less...