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  • What is the Strangest Question You've Been Asked on a Leasing Tour?

    In honor of peak leasing season, we want to know: What is the strangest question you've ever been asked while on a leasing tour? Share your funny stories! Particularly funny questions may be included in a future units Magazine article. 

  • Memories of Your First Apartment

    As NAA celebrates its 75th Anniversary, we want to hear about your own apartment memories--real, fictional or somewhere in between. (If you're wondering how you can have a fictional first apartment memory, just check out NAA Staff Writer Lauren Boston's blog.) What do you remember most about your...

  • The "Jason Brown" Effect

    The Olympics are just around the corner and like most people, my favorite part is always the inspiring stories.  The Olympics are the epitome of what you can accomplish through hard work, passion and dedication and I believe we can all find a few great examples for our own professional lives.   As...