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  • Greedy Employee v. Disgruntled HR: The Case of the Missing Orange Juice

    When the weather is nice, I like to jog one mile to an upscale grocery store near my apartment, indulge in a few samples of cheese, bread and cookies as fellow shoppers watch my sweat collect on the tile floor, and then run back home. Clearly, my love for free things knows very few bounds. Unfortunately, the same can be said for my ex co-worker. In addition to the typical coffee and tea...
  • Breathing – To Retirement, and Beyond!

    Of all the things I tend to take for granted (sometimes) in life, breathing is one of the basics.  As in:  sun’s gonna rise, my heart is still thumping, got air, and they took taxes out of my check. Luckily, managing and maintaining apartments doesn’t involve many situations that can change that whole easy breathing thing.  But, there are jobs that your maintenance staff members do on a regular...


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