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  • Ho, Ho…Hold Up!

    I believed in Santa Claus until I was 12. When my mom told me the truth I began crying and considered self-medicating with a mix of pills and candy canes before remembering that the Easter Bunny, thank God, was alive and well. Santa Claus was a devastating blow, but now that the charade was over, my parents could stop hiding my gifts—including Will Smith’s “Big Willie Style” album—at a neighbor...
  • It's a Risk I'm Willing to Take NOT

    I had a scary thing happen to me last month. And I need to share it with all of you. I happened to stop by a community while visiting family over the holidays. I pass it all the time when I am traveling to see my parents, and have always wanted to stop by. So, I finally did. It taught me a valuable lesson. And it can teach one to you as well. The office was clean and well maintained. I was...


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