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  • Grandmothers and Cars: Things You Can Plug Into a Wall

    At the age of six or seven, I watched the movie “The Electric Grandmother.” It was a film that would shake me to my core. The 1982 horror movie masquerading as a “touching” made-for-TV special is about a family of children who learn to cope with the death of their mother in the most heartwarming and logical of ways: they go to a factory and order an electric (read: android freak) grandmother to...
  • How To Clean Up A Broken CFL

    Ask your typical apartment maintenance person what a CFL is and they’ll tell you, why of course it’s the Canadian Football League, where undersized football stars go to finish their careers!  While that is true, in the ever more green, sustainable, eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, renewable and recyclable world of business these days, a CFL is actually a compact fluorescent lightbulb. CFL’s...


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