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  • Computer Illiterate? Seek Help!

    Let’s face it, the Internet is not a fad—the role both the Internet and computers play in our business is vast and ever growing. Let’s take a look at what parts of our business are computer and/or Internet based:    Communication (with Colleagues & Prospects) - E-mail, usually Outlook is used in our business Learning Management Systems - Does your company offer online learning? Property...
  • We Might as Well Just Have a Pre-Recorded Message!

    I’m sorry… I don’t need you. No, seriously. If all I needed was someone to get the guest card basics (name, phone number, size & date) when they answer the phone and proceed to recite the same old tired “speech” time and time again… I may as well just have a really great pre-recorded message that at its conclusion asks the caller to leave their name, phone number, size apartment they’re...


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