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  • San Antonio’s Pathway to Zero Waste

    San Antonio is creating a perception change for how residents view zero waste. The change started with how businesses create products, how people use them, and how solid waste is managed. The City’s underlying goal has been that all discarded materials be reused or recycled back into nature or into the production cycle, reaching a 60% recycling rate by 2020.   Thus, the 10 Year Recycling...
  • The Best Things in Life are Free-cycled!

    That dusty box in your closet or garage is filled with your most prized possessions, not to mention colonies of spiders and pincher bugs. You promise yourself that you will wear Aunt Mildred’s pink knitted Christmas sweater and you will master playing that banjo you bought five years ago at the flea market. The truth is everything will continue to sit in its box, just waiting to make you feel...


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