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  • 10 Tips for Effective Follow-Up with Prospects

    Did you know that 95 percent of sales happen after the 5th attempt? It takes more than a smile and product knowledge to succeed in leasing—you must follow-up, too. Here are a few tips to help you create a follow-up strategy that will help you increase the number of leases you’re getting: 1.   Commit to Timely Follow-Up Follow-up with everyone who visited that day. Don’t let the follow-up, well…...
  • Love ’Em or They’ll Leave Ya: 10 Ways to Retain More Residents

    National studies have shown that the average tenure for a resident is nine months or less—a scary statistic when it costs an average of five times more to turnover an apartment than it does to keep an existing resident. Multiply the cost to turn an apartment by the number of apartments in your community—then multiple that by 60 percent, the national average for resident turnover (according to...


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