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  • Superstorm Sandy: What We Learned

    My previous blog focused on what happened in New Jersey as a result of Superstorm Sandy. The event was devastating, and served as a reminder to the entire industry about the importance of having an Emergency Preparedness plan in place in the event that such a disaster strikes your area. Following are a few “lessons” we learned during this recovery process: Make sure your communication network...
  • Superstorm Sandy: What Happens When It Happens to You?

    What if you weren’t simply a voyeur to a tragedy, but instead were living it first-hand? What if you were a field general and you weren’t afforded any weapons? How would you react when Armageddon actually happened? What would you do? This is what happened to us in New Jersey recently as a result Sandy. Like many of you in this industry I am a take-charge guy. But what if there is nothing to take...
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