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  • Keeping Costs in Check with a Green Maintenance Plan

    Property owners and managers should be proactive with their maintenance plan. Its primary purpose is to prevent minor repairs from growing into expensive major repairs, so developing a plan is important. Preventive maintenance can range from cleaning the coils of your air conditioner to sealing parking lot cracks. Whatever is on your list of repairs, the benefits of property maintenance include...
  • Recycling: Get the Benefits, Help Cut Risks

    When your batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), or computer equipment stop working, do you toss them in the garbage? Your first inclination might be to throw items like this away, but doing so has some serious consequences.Environmental and Health RisksAll three of these product types contain hazardous materials, which when thrown away or mishandled can have a negative effect on the...
  • Go Green From the Bottom Up

    Many companies would like to be more environmentally responsible, but lack the motivation, time, or expertise to implement changes on their own. Whether you work in a large organization with thousands of employees or in a two-person office, you can persuade your managers to “buy in” to a green program with the right positioning. Here are some persuasive arguments you can make to get your...


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