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  • Why “Resident Events” Don’t Equal “Resident Retention”

    Every once in a while I Google “Resident Retention” just to see what comes up.  And each time, I am disappointed in the results. In an industry that has seen customer turnover fluctuate between 55 percent and 62 percent over the past 10 years, do we really believe that the answer is better move-in gifts, cute door hangers and more pizza parties? Some of the suggestions I read  included...
  • The Truth About Resident Retention

      I attended a standing-room only Resident Retention Round Table recently, and was shocked to hear the panelists basically say that no matter what you do as a resident retention strategy, your turnover will remain about the same. (Which is exactly opposite of what our research has shown!) The retention strategies discussed seemed to revolve around pricing and creating a sense of community. Once...


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