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  • We Are Thrilled That The Market Is Climbing…But Why?

    Current demand for apartment buildings in the U.S. is booming, in contrast to the homeownership rate, which is stagnating at its lowest level since 1998. Linked to this, government-sponsored mortgage companies are providing record levels of financing for apartment properties. This confluence of events is fueling a rush by investors to purchase properties, allowing lenders to recover 75% of the...
  • Motivate Your Leasing Team in the “Slow Season”

    We recognize that this time of year can be a naturally quieter time for traffic.  However, when we know that it is a “slow season” it becomes even more important for your leasing team to inject energy into their working week and be proactive in their activities so that their performance does not lag. Of course we set goals to achieve our business objectives. However, setting goals is sometimes...
  • The Recession is Over! How Do We Get Back to Fundamentals?

    BankUnited executive Patrick Fitzgerald told a real estate lending conference in April that multifamily housing "is in a full-fledged healing mode." Vacancies are hovering at 6.6 percent nationally, down from 8.1 percent a year ago, and rents rose in the last three months of 2010 for the third consecutive quarter. This is phenomenal news for those of us that have been operating in a cash flow...


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