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  • Understanding Periodic Cicadas: What the Apartment Industry Needs to Know

    Some annoying, temporary “residents” will soon come to communities located from the Carolinas to Connecticut. Their “stay” will be approximately six weeks, and they will likely be among the most memorable you will ever have.Red-eyed, noise-polluting insects referred to as Brood II cicadas, are fortunately, a cause for wonder and not a cause for concern, according to the National Pest Management...
  • How Many More Occupied Homes are Rented Today Compared to 2000? Probably Not as Many as You Think

    One of the most frequently asked apartment industry questions NAA receives is how many single-family homes are rented. Today, the USAToday, based on 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data, compared the totals from 2010 with 2000. USAToday’s report shows that, nationally, 34.9 percent of occupied homes were rented in 2010 compared with 33.8 percent in 2000. Among the statistical highlights USAToday issued...
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