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  • Being Proactive in Dealing With ‘What’s Next’ for Student Housing

    It’s no surprise to those who own, operate, and manage off-campus housing communities that today’s college student, their parents, and the university all expect more out of the residential living-learning experience.  It begins with the experience of living on campus where today’s residence halls have gone through complete makeovers and renovations with regards to technology, finishes, and the...
  • Be The Big Marketer On Campus

    Do you think you know how to communicate with today's student? Can you text speak,  relate to slang, understand all the technology and make sense of the pop culture references? Keeping up with this population is a constant challenge. This is why waking up early in Vegas to learn more tips on becoming the Big Marketer on Campus from Kim Cory and Dan Oltersdorf will be worth only getting 3 hours...


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