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  • Hire the Attitude: A Remarkable Recovery Case Study

    I started SatisFacts, and adore what I do, for a reason…it relates to my passion for caring, dedication and service…and this passion has to do with how I was raised and my DNA.  I have always been very sensitive to service.  I am inspired when I interact with someone who really cares about how they perform for you.  My reaction is 180 degrees different when I deal with someone who just does not...
  • Leasing vs. Retention - A Contrarian View

    I read an intriguing point in an online discussion about revenue management: “Turn cost is a factor, but it is also a sunk cost unless you wish to favor renewals over new leases.” Ah, “unless” you favor protecting your existing revenue stream!  This is a huge issue…leasing/marketing vs. retention. Which should be the priority? Loss minimization vs. revenue/cash flow maximization. Filling empty...
  • There’s Never a Loser When Everyone Wins

    I am sure we are all blown away by how some businesses operate.  I scratch my head…it’s clear not everyone is really trying to take care of clients, create positive experiences, or improve performance.  Here are several of my experiences. The crepe joint: Penny wise, pound (or franc) foolish. There’s a great crepe joint near work.  As the economy soured, I noticed changes.  They stopped...


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